Wow!! Neglecting the Blog….

BUT…..NOT myself!! The past couple of weeks have flown by but things are going great and I’m doing what I set out to do this month. Have success, take care of myself, and see some changes!

One of the biggest changes for this year that I wanted to see is the numbers on the scale to start dropping. I’m am thrilled (and somewhat shocked) that the numbers are dropping at a great pace!

January 1 weigh in for Shrinking Jeans challenge was: 215.8

When I saw that number I started crying! I couldn’t believe how out of control I had let the weight get. BUT…I had decided that 2013 was gonna be my year of success and changing for the better so I started making changes to make it happen!! Tracking ALL my calories in My Fitness Pal and making sure to EXERCISE every day!

I have been successful at doing both of these things….AND I am being successful in the weight loss!

Today’s weight (January 23) : 203.2

I was seriously doing a happy dance!! I was crying and screaming for joy all at the same time! I have lost 12.6 pounds in 23 days and I couldn’t be happier!

Everyone is asking, how? Honestly, I’m keeping the calories and exercise in check. I haven’t gone over my calorie goal the whole month. Sometimes it’s been ONLY because of the exercise but I’m staying within goal and that has made the difference.

I also have a serious thyroid issue that seems to FINALLY be getting under control with the prescription that the doctor gave me. So….with all this working together it appears I will be able to be successful finally!

The other biggie that I wanted to strive for during this challenge (and year) is to take time for myself daily. As a mom I tend to get busy caring for my son and the hubby, and household stuff that I forget about taking care of me, too ! This month I have spent some time every day just for me!! I’ve been reading every evening (except the 19th but I had spent several hours earlier in the day relaxing) and I’m finding I really enjoy reading at the end of the day. I’m reading my 4th book already and I don’t think I even read 4 books the whole year last year!

I’m still exercising in the mornings and (much to my disbelief) finding I am enjoying getting the day started with 30 minutes of exercise. It’s really a great feeling to know that after the kiddo goes to bed I can take care of the things around the house that need taken care of then I can relax and read, instead of trying to squeeze in some exercise!

It’s shaping up to truly being a year of success for me! I’m excited to see where I end the year.

So….how are y’all doing?

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3 Responses to Wow!! Neglecting the Blog….

  1. LaughingLady says:

    What a great feeling, getting into a SUCCESSFUL rut!! Keep up the great work!

  2. sincerelyanna says:

    Sounds like you are finding your groove and good things are happening in many different areas in life! Congratulations on the weight loss and feeling GREAT. You’re totally making 2013 your year!

  3. Ann, that’s awesome!! Congrats!

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