Week 1, 2013

Week 1 of challenge at the Sisterhood is complete. I feel I followed my plan pretty well. And it has paid off in a big way. More on that in a few minutes.

The only “off” time I had was from some kind of food poisoning type thing. I ate dinner Friday and by 11:30pm I was in the bathroom. I pretty much spent the next 4 hours there. Saturday was spent on the couch or the bathroom. Sunday I was back to normal but didn’t push the food. I ate only “safe” foods. Since then I have been getting more back to my normal healthy choices.

Exercise has gotten better as this week started. I started using the Wii Ea Sports Active to exercise In The Morning!! Yes, I started the new schedule of working out in the morning. I am NOT a morning person and I really don’t like working out until after noon and preferably in the evening BUT right now for me to get a workout in I need to do it in the morning. I have been getting up early (for me) and exercising before doing anything else. It has made a difference for me.

So…I’m excited to see where this challenge will take me. For now I will share with you my results from this weeks journey.

Goals for challenge:

Exercise 30 minutes a day…check

Spend 30 minutes a day for “me time” reading….check (in fact I just finished reading Carla’s e-book). That was the first book I’ve read for myself in a really long time!!

Write a “something good” post-it….check

Lose a minimum of 15 pounds…well on the way! January 1, weight was: 215.2
Today, weight was: 209.0

I couldn’t believe the scale so I got on twice just to make sure!! Yep, I lost more than 6 pounds in 8 days! I realize this is not gonna be a “normal” lose but I am thrilled with such a great lose this week!

JenJen did great as well with a 4 1/2 pound loss!!
Flame On is on Fire!!! We are both doing great meeting our goals and it is showing with our SUCCESS!!

Hope y’all are having the same kind of success!

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