I’ve Accomplished….

One of my goals for this year is to write out things that I have accomplished that make me “feel good”. I mentioned that I wanted to post them out once a week so I can see them in post format, so that’s what I’m doing now.

Here are the first 9 days of 2013:

1/1: 30 minutes of exercise at 11:45pm instead of going to sleep without exercising. Goal met day 1.

1/2: Fun workout complete: Gorilla App from my IPhone and a Hula Hoop workout from the Wii.

1/3: Cleaned fridge and freezer – threw away all old stuff (4 trash bags full) and carried to dumpster.

1/4: Candlelight takeout dinner at home (that hubby suggested).

1/5: 6 weeks of lessons planned for school.

1/6: Groceries stocked up on for healthy meals to prepare.

1/7: Arose at 8am, exercised early, school done and a mom’s night out!

1/8: Did #FabAb workout even with sore lower back (didn’t want to do anything but sleep with pain pills!)

1/9: Did cartwheel at Perot Museum of Nature and History…and I have video to prove it! No, you can’t see it!

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2 Responses to I’ve Accomplished….

  1. I cannot express to you how much I LOVE this idea!!

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