I Got Me Some Goals!!!

The Sisterhood asked us to get some goals for the new year. It always helps to start the new year with goals…goals = chance of success!

Success is my WORD for the year, in case you wanted to know!

Here are my short term goals: Short term goals are for January and February…to go along with the challenge at the Sisterhood.

1) Exercise DAILY for 30 minutes. This sounds easy enough but I get lazy and don’t like to “get my sweat on” in the evenings. So…in order to ensure I do this I am “scheduling” a 1 hour workout session for myself from 9am to 10am every week day morning!! It’s on the calendar and I’m going to make it happen, beginning Monday morning when we start our new semester of school. During the weekends I really want to do something “fun” with my son. Maybe we will play a Wii game, or go hiking or biking. Or possibly even use the boxing bag together. Up to this point I have been squeezing in 30 minutes of exercise in the evenings. It’s been late and I haven’t gotten the “hot and sweaty” workout that I want but I have been doing it! That’s what counts, right?!

2) Write a “something good” post-it every day. I saw several posts on facebook that talked of writing out a good deed or something good note and putting it in a jar. At the end of the year you can look back at the good things that happened in the year. I loved this idea, so I put my own twist on it. I am writing out little notes of “things accomplished” or “things that make me proud” on a post-it note and putting them in a big basket. I’m planning to pull them out weekly and write them out on the ol’ blog. They may not mean much to anyone but myself but it will be nice to see the things I accomplished during the week.
This goal I’m taking all the way through the year….

3) Lose a minimum of 15 pounds during challenge.
I joined in with Roni’s DietBet and in order to be a contender for the money I have to lose 8.6 pounds in the month of January. I figure if I eat right, exercise properly and do what I know to do I can lose this amount of weight in the first 2 months of this year and during this challenge.

4) Spend a minimum of 30 minutes a day relaxing. As a mom I get busy taking care of the house, kiddo, and family stuff and forget to take care of ME! I’m changing that this year. So far I have used my “quiet time” to read and reflect on the day. It’s been nice and I’m looking forward to spending some “me time” nightly. It’s also been helping me go to bed more relaxed which is a nice bonus.

These are the goals I have set up for the challenge. I know that they are doable. I can do them. I WILL do them!!

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2 Responses to I Got Me Some Goals!!!

  1. Mary P. says:

    Way to go Ann! Great set of goals and I have zero doubt you will be using your word of SUCCESS to describe them all by the end of the challenge!

  2. Adah says:

    I love your goals! Especially the “me” time…it’s important to take that time!!

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