Preparing for 2013

I want this to be a constant reminder to me...

I want this to be a constant reminder to me…

I'm going to make this one of my mantras for 2013!

I’m going to make this one of my mantras for 2013!

I have been doing some serious reflecting the past 48 hours about what I want for the new year. I came across both of these pictures on FaceBook this morning and decided they need to be a part of my 2013 “New Me”. I have signed up for 2 challenges to help me get the new year off right.

The first one I have already started – The Diet Bet that Roni has set up. I submitted my pictures and weighed myself and almost went into a mini-depression. BUT….instead I have decided that I will tackle this problem like I plan to tackle all my problems in 2013; with determination and strength!

The second one starts tomorrow morning with the Sisterhood of Shrinking Jeans has set up to get us started with in the new year! My partner in success for this journey will be Jen and we are gonna rock this challenge. We are both fired up and ready to tackle some major goals for ourselves in 2013. I will discuss more in tomorrow’s post with my weigh in pictures and goals for the challenge. For now just so you know the 2 pictures at the top of this post are going to be my motivation to tackle this challenge and 2013 with success!!

For now….2012 has just 8 1/2 hours left and I’m going to prepare myself for a successful start to 2013 by getting some lesson planning done and some menu planning done while I still have some quiet in the house (the kiddo went to play at a friend’s house and hubby is working!)

Many blessings on your new year!!

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One Response to Preparing for 2013

  1. Mindy says:

    2013 is gonna be some bring some big transitions for us, too! Can’t wait to see what it brings and follow your journey here!

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